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ChristmasFuture empowers people to give a new kind of holiday gift—one that helps eradicate extreme poverty and changes the way we think about giving.

On Nov. 5, 2007, ChristmasFuture released DonorTrust technology to North America. This technology makes it easy for people to refocus their holiday spending towards the eradication of extreme poverty. Gift givers can send what amounts to an online gift card to friends and family; the gift recipient then gets to choose from a database of poverty-eradication projects and then allocate their gift towards a project that interests them. DonorTrust helps people change the world for good.

ChristmasFuture is about change. Fundamental, meaningful, planet-shifting change. We are a passionate movement of people empowering a non-profit organization that advances us – all of us –  everyday closer to eradicating extreme poverty.

We’re the non-profit you’ve been looking for—an organization that changes the world—because we help bring together everyone who wants to eradicate poverty into a powerful and functional network that produces and shows results.

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“How can we say that there is peace when so many go hungry?”
- Oscar Arias Sanchez